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20:20:50 Rule to Clear CA Exams

Chartered Accountancy Course has been chosen to be toughest course by Guinness Book of World Record on 13 May 2010. Have you ever thought what is so difficult about this course? Answer to this question is simple and we all know it: a) Vast Course and b) Pattern of Setting Exams. These two elements make the CA exams very hard. Now let’s focus on these two elements and apply our 20:20:50 rule to crack this riddle. (I will try to keep it short and crisp as I don’t want to bore you and save your energy to apply in CA books later on.)

Vast Course (First 20 of the Rule): The course of every subject is like an ocean to every CA aspirant. Here we need to apply our first 20 of the rule. Read the syllabus of each subject thoroughly and make an ABC analysis depending upon coverage of topics in CA Exam. Now based on your own evaluation, shred 20% of the syllabus from your course. You don’t have to study or even touch that 20% you selected, no matter what happens. Don’t touch it even if your fast friend says it’s important. Once you made your selection just stick to it. By this you have taken off 20% burden from your shoulders and you will be able to understand rest of 80% more clearly and efficiently.


Pattern of Setting Exams (Second 20 of the Rule): The CA Exams are set in a lengthy and tricky pattern making very hard to attempt all of questions in 3 hour time frame. As we all know first question containing 20 marks is compulsory and rest you have choice to attempt 5 questions out of 6 containing 16 marks each. Here we will apply our next 20 of the rule (not 20 exactly its 16 actually, but rhythmic rules always sounds cool, that’s why I call it 20:20:50 rule). Make it very clear in your mind that out of 6 questions you have to attempt only 4 and not 5 questions. Yes, you have to attempt only for 84 marks. Make this selection in time you get to read question paper. In that time you have to select 2 questions that you don’t want to write answers to. This will help you complete the 84 marks exam in 3 hours plus your presentation will improve helping you score more. (I will surely write a separate blog for allocation of time during CA Exam if you find this one helpful).


50 of the Rule: This is very interesting and you all must be thinking that I will tell to you drop 50% of this or that. Don’t worry this time you don’t have to shred anything, but you have to keep thinking in your mind that you need 50% to pass exams. Out of the 80% syllabus you have to attempt 84% question paper and score only 50%. Just think over it, all of sudden you will feel the burden lightening in your head. You can command the subjects, make selections to what you want to read and what your want to write, and above all you only need 50% of this performance to clear the toughest course in the world.

It is just a small effort to communicate my practical way to clear CA Exams without coaching and from the Institutes Study Material in single attempt that too all groups given in one go. For any personal queries you all are welcome to mail me, message me or meet me in my office. I will surely share my other methods of study and planning that help me achieve this. Please do write to me if any of this helps you as it would mean a lot to me and I will consider my efforts are helping someone.

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